The Differences Between Shaving Cream, Soap & Foam

It doesn’t matter if you use a T-shaped razor or a popular cassette razor by Gillette, shaving is impossible without foam. Foam can be made in a number of ways: buying the ready-made variant in a spray can or whipping it on your own using cream or shaving soap. The differences between using foam, cream or soap preparations and their advantages will be described throughout this article.

Foam (gel)

Every modern man has used ready-made foam or gel in a spray can at least once in his life. These kinds of preparations have recently gained huge popularity thanks to making the process simpler. They save a great amount of time; perhaps, these are the only pros of these products. As for the cons, they are significantly outweighed.

Actually, such a substance as i-butane, which has the power of making foam, is the first disadvantage. Many men suffer from skin irritation caused by this component. It is unalterably contained in foam or gel spray cans.

Besides, ready-made foam doesn’t provide a razor’s ideal skin sliding since it is incapable of preparing the skin for shaving in contrast to warm foam whipped from natural high-quality soap or cream, laid on with a brush. The process steams and massages the skin as well as lifts hairs closer to the skin surface. The typical consequences of shaving with skin that is unprepared are irritations and peeling. The whole process may begin to seem quite painful and unpleasant. It especially relates to men with sensitive, problem-prone and demanding skin.

The low price of such products also proves to be a minus. First, it’s hard to guess how much foam is going to come out when pressing. The amount of foam squeezed out is usually more than necessary but then the foam quickly collapses and, if you do it slowly, it dries up and the whole procedure has to be repeated. As a result, the spray can quickly become empty, and the alleged economy turns out to be an illusion.


If you are disappointed with ready-made foam in a spray can and, for this reason, delay your shaving for the future leaving your bristle more frequently, it is about time you tried the cream variant.

Here we talk about high-quality creams made of natural fats and ethereal oils that do not contain harmful supplements. A man that cares about what he applies to his face can easily find a shaving cream that matches his taste. Today there are creams of a wide variety of good products like MUEHLE and D.R. Harris which speak for themselves. We are willing to praise them with a clear conscience.

In essence, shaving cream is a mixture of high-quality soap and various ethereal oils and this, by the way, greatly simplifying and neutralizing any unpleasant sensations during the process. Cream steams the skin, softens the bristle and disinfects and alleviates the skin.

If you want to make foam out of cream, the best option is to use a small brush. Take a close look at what is written on your shaving cream tube: some products can be applied without a brush but the quality of the foam whipped from your cream with a brush will undoubtedly be much higher. Foam can be whipped from the cream on the palm or right on the face. Do this by simply following the guidelines below: in a cup which is put in a sink, full with hot water so that the foam that you have whipped up from your cream and it will remain hot for a longer period of time.

Another advantage: in contrast to the shaving gel in a spray can, the cream is easier to dose. One procedure will demand the amount of cream equal in size to an almond. Surprisingly, the overall usage cost of more expensive and better-worked creams will turn out to be economical.

The real drawback is that, when you give up using foam or gel and begin to use cream, you may spend more time. But it is usually so only in the beginning until you get the hang of it, using the cream will be a simple process just as any other.


Using a shaving soap is the way to get perfect foam which is capable of making the process very comfortable.

This preparation with shaving soap has quite a long and rich history: soap was used by our grandfathers and great grandfathers and today the use of soap has regained its popularity due to its quality and convenience.

It is convenient to take a bar of soap while being on a business trip as you can take it with you on carry-on luggage. Buying bar soap you don’t have to pay for excessive water. All the necessary substances are pressed in a single bar of soap. That is why shaving soap is the most economical variant of all the above-mentioned cosmetic products.

However, in order to get great foam from your soap, you will have to find a brush and a cup for foam whipping. On the other hand, having such a kit you will begin to love the process of shaving itself. Such details can make shaving not just comfortable. They can even turn it into a man’s ritual, similar to meditation.

Experiment: shaving cream or soap

Anyway, choosing which preparation suits you the best whether it’s the foam, cream or soap method are possible only when you are guided by your own sensations and preferences. We recommend experimenting and trying different products. You can add a hot steaming compress with a couple of drops of your favorite ethereal oil to the above-mentioned preparations. You can also utilize a pre-shave product which is used before applying shaving foam and prepares the skin even more thoroughly. We wish you a pleasant shave!